Saturday night RK Speed will host players, officials, spectators, and all others gathering around the sevens spectacle for barbecue dinner, live music, and a fun night.




Rugbyklubben Speed (

Travbaneparken Løjtegårdsvej 58B 2770 Kastrup, Denmark

Tlf.: +45 3250 0293


Close to Copenhagen Airport and Copenhagen Central station


Arbejdernes Landsbank Kongelundsvej 289

2770 Kastrup, Denmark

Tlf.: +45 38 48 30 25

Mail: kongelundsvej@al­ account: 53250247566 swiftcode: ALBADKKK

iban: DK4453250000247566

Space for camping in tents is available nearby the clubhouse.

For those who will stay in tents we can arrange breakfast Saturday and Sunday morning. Car parking, use of electrical equipments and use of open fire is forbidden in the camping area.

Food and beverages may not be brought inside the club house/party area.

Other possibilities include the 3 hotels close by the club.

CABINN Metro Hotel

Copenhagen Go Hotel

Danhostel Copenhagen Amager


Visit for further information.

The age limit for players in the men’s tournament is minimum 18 years, for women it is minimum 16 years and for old boys the minimum age is 35. If a team wants to participate with younger players, an exemption is required.

Matches are played according to the international 7­a­side rules.

Players can only play for one team. If a team, due to injuries, is in lack of players, the team will be allowed to use players from other teams, but only from teams who have left the tournament and are not in a higher ranking tournament. Players willing to play for other teams must register with the committee, who will allocate them to teams.

A squad may include up to 12 players.

All teams must register with the tournament organizers on arrival or by phone no later than Saturday morning at 9.00. The teams must register their players 2 hours before the start of the tournament, that is Saturday at 10.00 in the club house.

The SO7 a­side match committee is the highest authority during the tournament.

RK Speed will arrange referees from Great Britain, but if a team has a referee on the tour to Copenhagen, he/she will be welcome to referee. Please give notice to RK Speed as soon as possible on the entry form for match planning.

First­-aid personel is available during the whole tournament in case of injuries.

The tournament is organized under the Sports Confederation of Denmark (DIF), which means that Anti Doping Danmark may make official doping tests of all players during the tournament.

In pools 2 points are awarded for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for losing.

Pool standings are decided by 1) points 2) score difference 3) mutual match(es) 4) scored points 5) scored tries 6) draw



Copenhagen Scandinavian Sevens is played at

Rugbyklubben Speed
Løjtegårdsvej 58B
2770 Kastrup

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