Wexiö won the men's bowl tournament after a final against Hundested RK. The result was 32-5.



The teams to play the bowl and plate finals are decided.


13:00:00 WBF 1 Women Bowl Final Stavanger Unicorns Speed ladies
13:30:00 BF 1 Bowl Final Hundested rugby 7s Wexiö Rugby Klubb
14:00:00 WPF 1 Women Plate Final FC ST. Pauli Denmark
14:30:00 PF 1 Plate Final Utmanarna Vänersborg RK


The men's cup semi finals were decided after close pool games. Nanok 7s ended second in pool CUPC with a point difference of +4. This is slightly better than Södertälje in Pool Cup a with a score of +2, taking Nanok to the semi final against Speed. The other two cup finalists for men are NRV 7s and Honeybunn 7s.


CS – Men's Cup Semi          
  Round Pitch Pool Team 1 Team 2
14:00:00 CS 3 Cup Semi Final 1 Honeybunn 7's NRV 7s
14:00:00 CS 4 Cup Semi Final 2 Speed I Nanok Sevens



In both Women' cup pools the top seeded teams have one win and the final match will decide who will qualify for the final:

In WCUA Stockholm Exiles and Tabusoro Angels International meet. In WCUB it is Susies Sevens and West Coast Vikings.


13:30:00 3 3 WCUA Stockholm Exiles Tabusoro Angels Int'l



13:30:00 3 4 WCUB Susies Sevens West Coast Vikings




The age limit for players in the men’s tournament is minimum 18 years (born 1997), for women it is minimum 16 years (1999) and for old boys the minimum age is 35 (1980). If a team wants to participate with younger players, a dispensation is required.
Matches are played according to  the international 7-a-side rules.

Players can only play for one team.
If a team, due to injuries, is in lack of players, the team will be allowed to use players from other teams, but only from teams who have left the tournament and are not in higher ranking tournaments.

All teams must register with the tournament organizers on arrival or by phone no later than Saturday morning at 9.00. The teams must register their players 1½ hour before the start of the tournament, that is Saturday at 10.00 in the club house.
The SO7 a-side match committee is the highest authority during the tournament.
RK Speed will arrange referees from Great Britain, but if a team has a referee on the tour to Copenhagen, he/she will be welcome to referee. Please give notice to RK Speed as soon as possible on the entry form for match planning.

Space for camping in tents is available nearby the clubhouse.
For those who will stay in tents we can arrange breakfast Saturday and Sunday morning. Car parking, use of electrical equipments and use of open fire is forbidden in the camping area, due to the risk of fire. 
Other possibilities include the 3 hotels close by the club.
Hotel Bel Air http://www.hotelbelair.dk/
Copenhagen Go Hotel http://www.go-hotel.com/
Danhostel Copenhagen Amager http://www.danhostel.dk/

Visit www.visitcopenhagen.dk for further information.

First Nordic Sevens

The Nordic Sevens tournament has been played every year since 1982, except one miss in 1985.

Initially the sevens only featured a Men's tournament for only Nordic teams. It was supposed to be hosted by the Nordic countries in turn.

The first tournament was hosted by Denmark at Frederiksberg in 1982. In 1983 CSR (Denmark) hosted, 1984 Helsingfors, Finland, and 1986 Sweden in Hälsingborg.

In 1987 Speed hosted the tournament for the first time at Travbaneparken. Since then it has been played at Speed. As the tournament got increasing interest from teams outside the Nordic region, it was decided to change its name to Scandinavian Open Sevens in 1998. In 2013 the tournament changed name again so it is now Copenhagen Scandinavian Open Sevens. In 2013 the tournament introduced monetary prizes for the winning teams.

Tournament form

Until 1993 the tournament consisted of only pool games on Saturday and one cup tournament on Sunday. Since 1993 a more common structure with Cup, Plate and Bowl tournaments on Sunday has been used. Since 2011 the Sunday tournaments have been played in pools with pool winners playing the finals to give all teams more games on Sunday as well. This avoids teams playing only one game on Sunday or teams forfeiting directly into semi final or final. In 2014 the tournament will for the first time have three Sunday tournaments for women as well as for men due to a sufficient number of teams entering both tournaments.

Best teams

The all time best performance in the tournament is with no doubt the seven consecutive wins (2001-07) by Susie's Saloon Sevens from Amsterdam. They first played in 2001. A few other teams have won more than once. The Danish Rugby Union's selection has won in 1996, 1998 and 2012. The best Scandinavian club is by Enköping who has won three times (84, 87, 97). Two other Swedish clubs have won more two tournaments: Vänersborg (1986, 2000) and Malmö RC (82, 83). English Ramblin Jesters won their second title in 2019 and after first win in  tournament debut 2016. Noticeably, they reached the cup final in both 2017 and and 2018 losing by close marrgins.

For women the tournament was first played in 1993 as a small tournament with 4 teams. Also for women Vänersborg has performed remarkably and has won six times (94, 96, 98, 2000, 02, 03). Susie's Valkyries has won four times (08-10 and 12), but it should be noted that they first played in 2008. Enköping has won in 1997 and 1999. As for men the Jesters have won twice (17 and 19) after their first appearance in 2017. They also reached the final in 2018.

Old boys played for the first time in 1987. Only match between Copenhagen and Skåne. In 1997 the Scandinavian Sevens featured a old boys tournament, but only since 2000 has this been played regularly. The last five tournaments have been won by the team initially named South Pacific Masters, now playing as West Coast Masters. Old Gringos (18-19), Frederiksberg RK (02, 09), Copenhagen Exiles (05-06), and Frölunda (00, 03) have all won twice.

The tournament program for Saturday pool games is now available:

Men's pools

Women's pools

Old Boys' pools